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Red Hat Openstack Administration II (CL210)

  • Red Hat Openstack Administration II (CL210) is designed for system administrators who intend to implement a cloud-computing environment using openstack.
  • Expand compute ndoes on the overcloud
  • Customize instances
  • Troubleshoot individual services as well as Openstack holistically
  • Manage the migration of live instances
  • Create templates and configure autoscaling of stacks.
Course Overview
  • Students will learn how to configure,use and maintain Red Hat Openstack Platform.
  • The focus of this course is managing Openstack using the unified command-line interface,managing instances,and maintaining an enterprise deployment of openstack.
  • Exam competencies covered in the course include:expand compute nodes on Red Hat Openstack Platform using the undercloud (Red Hat Openstack Platform director);manage images,networking,object storage, and block stoarge;provide orchestration and autoscaling (scale-out and scale-in); and build a customized image.
  • Cloud administrators,cloud operators and system administratos interested in or responsible for maintaing a private cloud.
  • Students should meet one or more of the following prerequisites:
    • Base experince with system administration on windows,UNIX,or Linux operating systems
    • Red Hat Certified System Administrator(RHCSA in RHEL)
    • Red Hat Openstack Administration I(CL110)course or equivalent experience.

Topics In RedHat Openstack Administration II

1 . Managing an Enterprise Openstack Deployment

  • Describing Undercloud and Overcloud Architecture
  • Describing Undercloud and Overcloud Architecture
2 . Manageing Internal Openstack Communication

  • Describing the Identity Service Architecture
  • Administering the Service Catalog
  • Managing Message Brokering
3 . Building and Customizing Images
  • Describing Image Formats
  • Building an Image
  • Customizing an Image
4 . Managing Storage
  • Describing Storage Options
  • Configuring Ceph Storage
  • Managing Object Sorage
5 . Managing and Troubleshooting Virtual Network Infrastructure
  • Managing SDN Segments and Subnets
  • Tracing Multitenancy Network Flows
  • Troubleshooting Network Issues
6 . Managing Resilient Compute Resources

  • Configuring an Overcloud Deployment
  • Sacling Compute Nodes
  • Migrating Instances using Block Storage
7 . Troubleshooting Openstack Issues
  • Troubleshooting Compute Nodes
  • Troubleshooting Authentication and Messaging
8 . Monitoring Cloud Metrics for Autoscaling

  • Describing Openstack Telemetry Architecture
  • Analyzing Cloud Metrics for Autoscaling
9 . Orchestrating Deployments
  • Describing Orchestration Architecture
  • Writing Heat Orchestration Templates
  • Configuring Stack Autoscaling

  • This course is intended to develop the skills needed to manage a private cloud.A private cloud can reduce costs through fine-grained resource control,simplifying regulatory compliance and permitting easier integration with legacy systems.

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