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RedHat Openstack Administration III Networking & Foundations Of NFV

  • Redhat Openstack Administration III(CL310) is targeted at network engineers,network operators,cloud operators,and cloud administrators who need to manage and tune Openstack Networking for performance
  • In this course you will manage the openstack Networking service(neutron) with Network Functions Virtualization(NFV) to enhance network performance.
  • You will also configure Distributed Virtual Routers(DVr), Open vSwitch with Data Plane DevelopmentKit (OVS-DPDK) datapath,IPV6 networking in openstack,and deploy software-defined networking (SDN) with OpenDayLight(ODL).
  • Tune Openstack Networking Performance.
  • Manage Network Interfaces, bridges, agents and virtual networking devices.
  • Deploy IPV6 networks in Openstack.
  • Implement Distributed Virtual Routing(DVR).
  • Implement network functions virtualization (NFV) datapaths.
  • Network Engineers, Network Operators, Cloud Administrators, Cloud Operators.
  • Redhat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA in RedHat Enterprise Linux) certification or equivalent experience.
  • Redhat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA in RedHat Openstack Platform) exam (EX210) or equivalent experience.

Topics in RedHat Openstack Administration III

1 . Managing Networks In Linux
2 . Managing Openstack Networking Agents
3 . Deploying IPV6 Networks
4 . Provisioning Openstack Networks

5 . Implemeting Distributed Virtual Routing
6 . Tuning NFV Performance
7 . Implementing NFV Datapaths
8 . Building Software-defined Networks With OpenDayLight

9 . Comprehensive Review Of Redhat Openstack Administration III


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